On the Move In Kenya

I'm finally getting through the metric ton of photos from last month's trip to Kenya. One of the main reasons for this trip was to see another migration season. I was there for it a few years ago, and felt like I only caught a glimpse. I was right, and even though this year's trip was just ridiculous, and among the best (if not the best) safaris I've ever be on, I still feel like there's so much more to see. We've probably all seen the nature documentaries about the great migration - the giant herds of wildebeest that travel to keep up with the rains that bring fresh grazing grasses. The documentaries almost always focus on the epic dangerous river crossings and the crocodiles grabbing the smaller and weaker animals in the river. That was a big attraction for me too, but it's also a peak season for the other predators like the big cats. Every cat we saw was either chasing, feeding, or resting on full bellies. While the chasing and feeding is great to see and photograph, it was also just nice to see healthy groups of cats wherever we went. These photos focus more on the wildebeests themselves to give you a bit of an idea what their journey is like through the Masai Mara. I'll have more on the cats and other amazing days I had coming up soon. (you can click to stop and start the slideshow... also the pix are captioned to hopefully let you know what you're looking at)